Joined Motor Tanker Dan Broström on midsummer day 1968 i Halul Island, flow with a helicopter from Doha were I had been waitning a couple of days at the hotel Oasis.


Dan Broström with "NAESS" funnelmark                                            Young 3rd Mate taking down the sun

Dressed for Sequrity in Liverpool harbour 1968

My Cabin (2nd Officer Jr.)

Radio Dan Broström. The Radio Officer had his own radio station for internal radio broadcast. We could rent

radios from him (see one under the telephone on the pictue above)  to listen to daily programs (See schedule below)


 3rd mate



East River N.Y.

                                                                                                                                                                     Statue of liberty ahead



 Exercize in the awnings


1/4 master

When going astern leaving the berth at New Ark the rudder hit a sand bank , the whole steering gear

was damaged and broke into pieces. It took 3 weeks at Hoboken shipyard to repair the same.


Björn Berglund

                          Bror Vik