Öland has been the Royal Swedish holiday destination for more than a century, where the Royal family's Summer Palace SOLLIDEN, with a big beautiful park. Our town Borgholm is a town with narrow streets, parks and many small shops. There are also many restaurants, cafés and a large marina, full of sail and motor boats. Borgholms old Castle from the 12th century, Grĺborg prehistoric fortifications, Eketorp, Himmelsberga reihendorf, Skedemosse from the iron age, 36 churches from the 12th century, beautifully diverse landscape with line villages, old windmills, farms, animals, wild flowers, Alvarets expanses and beaches with white soft sand. Öland is an island of art, with more than 100 artists and artisans in the business, with galleries, pottery workshops and studios open to the public. Ekerum Golf & Resort Club with three golf courses and 45 holes, is one of the best golf courses on the island. The historic town of Kalmar, with its beautiful castle, old centre and the Crown Museum, located near Öland. You can visit Öland with cruise ships, flights to Kalmar/Öland and Smaland airport, trains from Copenhagen, Gothenburg and Stockholm, or comfortable buses directly from Stockholm ... You can also take your car over the Öland bridge.

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We are in Antigua in the Baltic Sea.

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Ship on the road (Borgholm?)



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    Come to Öland on a Cruise ship    
    M/S Amadea arrives Borgholm  August 7th 2014    
    M/S Amadea routing    
    Borgholm old Castle    
    Solliden Royal Castle    
    Windmills at Lerkaka    
    Kalmar Castle

M/S Amadea

(She will arrive Borgholm 7th august 2014)

M/S Celebrity Silouette